Fresh. Fast. Almost Home.

Fresh. Fast. Almost Home.

Here at Almost Home, we strive to provide you with an incredible experience, no matter the circumstance. Whether it’s for catering, dinner parties, private wine tastings, or just dinner with your family, we want to give you everything you need to enjoy yourself. With that in mind, we realize that life moves quickly and you may not always have time to sit down for an experience within the walls of our restaurant. This is where our Fresh Fast case comes into play!

Surely you’ve seen it, right on the left as you walk into the restaurant. This is where we keep items stocked to help you out in times of need.

On the go during lunch? Grab one of our freshly prepared sandwiches. Need a quick idea for dinner after the kids’ practices? Pick up soup and ready-to-heat chicken pot pies! If you’re downtown and need something to drink, our Fresh Fast case has plenty of offerings. Even if you just need a fix for your sweet tooth, we’ve got mini versions of our popular desserts ready to be taken with you.

Whatever you need for a quick meal, we’ve got it! Just as dedicated as we are to giving you an experience, convenience is also key. So the next time you need something in a hurry, drop in and check out our Fresh Fast case.

Is there anything you’d like to see in the Fresh Fast case that isn’t already there? Let us know!