About Us

Welcome to Almost Home Restaurant

Over 27 years ago, we began as a Tea Room and gift shop, specializing in light lunches and homemade desserts. We still serve light lunches and homemade desserts, but we’ve grown to become much more to our regular customers, and visitors every single day.

In 2001, Almost Home expanded with a renovation of the adjacent historic building. We’ve preserved the charm of a brick building from the early 1800s. We continued to grow and in 2008, we added The Swizzle Stick Bar next door, which is open and connected to the restaurant as well. Both the restaurant and the bar are serviced by one kitchen, so whether you prefer to dine with family or friends in the dining room or watch the game and enjoy a great meal, you’ll find a setting to enjoy with us.

Catering & Special Event Space

Larger events and parties call for additional space. The Emerald Room is located on the second floor of the restaurant, providing guests with a private dining experience for rehearsal dinners, business meetings, and other gatherings, all while overlooking historic downtown Greencastle. We also expand seating here for holidays and special events like DePauw Graduation, Mother’s Day, Easter and more.

Comfort & Satisfaction with a Contemporary Twist

Almost Home has evolved into a space of comfort and satisfaction for guests like you; We’ve worked hard to create a place that provides you with a great meal and the best feeling, a place that centers on contemporary cuisine and leaves you wanting to return. We are a regional destination, and with no other place like Almost Home and The Swizzle Stick around, we take pride in all that we offer our guests.

We focus on original dishes, and homemade meals, most of which are prepared from scratch, including our award-winning desserts that serve as a must-have for nearly all customers. While our restaurant provides an elegant experience and options for the entire family, our bar is special in its own right. Covered with Chicago Cubs memorabilia, it’s “Greencastle’s Friendly Confines” and provides guests with a casual dining experience in an energetic and casual space.

From great food to wonderful wine, and excellent service, Almost Home and The Swizzle Stick Bar continue to develop our menus and offerings to better serve the community and those who travel to visit us.

Almost Home. It’s a Feeling

At Almost Home, it’s not just about the food. It’s about the feeling you have when you arrive, and the feeling you have when you leave. We hope you stop in and visit us for an experience rich with history, inspired homemade dishes and a special story. We’ll continue to try new menu items, events and bring customers innovative dishes and comforting dining experiences.

Plan your visit today. Reserve online here, and for special offers and event updates, be sure to join our email list.