What to Order on a First Date

First dates come with a unique mix of anticipation and apprehension. From what you wear to what you say, you strive to put your best self forward. 

First dates come with a unique mix of anticipation and apprehension. From what you wear to what you say, you strive to put your best self forward. 

That need to make a great first impression has also led many to wonder just what to order on that first date. 

Here at Almost Home, we have spent 30 years serving great food to great couples hanging out for the first time, and we have a few ideas about what might work best. Here are our top thoughts on what your first date meal should consist of. 

Order something you will enjoy.

The two goals of a first date are (1 To get to know each other and (2 To have fun. Accomplish both by ordering food and drinks you actually like. 

After all, unless you want your date to surprise you with the oyster you hate on an anniversary in a year, you might want to skip it on the first date, even if it checks other first-date food boxes, like being easy to eat. Plus, if the date goes bad, at least you enjoyed the food. 

There is no need to make your first date more stressful than necessary. Instead, be real about who you are with your date, and focus on having fun: Get the food you like. You might even find your date likes the same food too. 

Focus on food that is easy to eat. 

Certain foods have a bad reputation as first date foods because they are messy. Pasta, for example, is one of the most commonly listed items to avoid during your first outing with a romantic interest. Other foods on the list include sloppy Joes, ribs, wings, and soup. 

Avoiding anything potentially messy can make it feel like your options are a bit limited. And, let’s be honest, avoiding all messy foods means avoiding some pretty delicious dishes (You really don’t want to miss out on our pulled pork nachos, for example). 

We suggest instead that you simply focus on choosing dishes that are easy to eat. For example, order that pasta, just go with the bite-sized noodles instead of the spaghetti. Tuck into that chicken marsala (We make a particularly tasty one with caramelized onions and fire roasted mushrooms), just use a spoon to partake of those creamy mashed potatoes. 

You can even order a sandwich if you are out on a lunch date or a more casual get together. They do not always make the list of top first date foods, but they are easy to eat, mouth-wateringly good and, if you order from Almost Home, definitely date-worthy. 

Keep the food (and the atmosphere) relaxed. 

Pressure to order fancy food on your first date can make the entire experience more awkward. Concerns about price, flavor, portion sizes, and more can make everyone feel tense. 

If you want to enjoy a relaxed outing with a romantic interest, try to keep the food and the atmosphere relaxed as well. Choose a restaurant that has a laid back but classy atmosphere and quality food (So, not fast food). Then, focus on choosing dishes you are familiar with and want to eat. 

When you are relaxed about the experience of ordering your food, then you and your date will feel more relaxed about the entire meal as well. 

Here at Almost Home, we have 30 years of experience in creating a fun, but laid back atmosphere full of good food and fun. We also serve dishes that are mouth-wateringly good but down to earth enough to make ordering easy. 

Include appetizers. 

Or, if you wish, make drinks and appetizers the entirety of your date. Appetizers are a good first date food choice because they come out quickly and give you something to talk about and enjoy together, even if the date gets off to an awkward start. 

Plus, appetizers usually come in bite-sized pieces that make them easy to eat and to share without making a mess. You can easily order two if you and your date disagree on the best appetizer to split, and if the date really goes bad and you need to leave early, at least you will have had something to eat. 

Here at Almost Home, we have diverse and delicious appetizers from which to choose. Embrace the zippiness of fish tacos, the salty savoriness of pulled pork nachos, or the spiciness of our chicken chunk tower.

Definitely end with dessert. 

No matter how the date goes, you can always end on a sweet note when you order dessert. In fact, science backs us up. Research shows that ordering dessert can make you more attractive to the other person, as if you needed any other reason to enjoy a sweet treat at the end of your meal. 

Here at Almost Home, we are known for our wide array of handcrafted desserts. Cakes, and pies, cookies, and more. No matter what we have on offer on your date, you can be sure to find something mouth-wateringly good to spoil yourself with. 

Just make sure you order two desserts on your first date. No matter how well the date goes, you will not want to share.

The possibility and excitement of a first date is a special thing. Don’t dull it by ordering the wrong food. Make sure you enjoy what you order, choose something easy to eat, include appetizers, and always end with dessert. 

Here at Almost Home, you are always welcome. Come spoil yourself, and your date, with delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere that will get your relationship off to a promising start.