Family Mealtimes: A Chance for Connection

Did you know that phones make eating less fun? Research has proven that having phones out during meals can make the meal less enjoyable and make you feel more distracted.

If you want to connect with your family in a meaningful way, it might be time to put the cell phone away and embrace family meals.

Family meals allow for meaningful conversation.

Eating together is the perfect opportunity to talk about everyone’s day. If you really want to know how school went for your grade schooler or wonder how that new job is going for your teen, eating together might just help.

Family meals are a time for fun.

Family meals are a great way to inject a little extra fun into your day. Inside jokes, funny stories, games, and more can add a little levity to your family’s day.

Family meals are healthier.

Being healthy can be fun when it includes eating together. Shared meals make it easier to eat healthy, model healthy habits for your children, and set up patterns of eating that will serve them well for the long term.

Here at Almost Home, we want to make it easy to enjoy family meals, even if you don’t have time to cook. That is why we are offering family takeout meals.

With multiple choices to suit your family’s tastes, these meals are big enough to serve everybody and delicious enough to bring them running to the table.

Order a family takeout meal through our online ordering form and begin the tradition this year of putting down the cellphone and sharing meals with those you love the most.

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