Benefits of NOT Cooking During the Holidays

If visions of homemade feasts dance in your head when you think about the holidays, you aren’t alone. Homemade meals are one of the most cherished holiday traditions.
However, a new trend is also gaining popularity: NOT cooking on Christmas. For those who dread using the kitchen, who long to spend more time with loved ones, or who may not even like holiday food, choosing a restaurant meal around the holidays, including on Christmas Day, can actually be part of what makes their holidays merry and bright.
This year, eating in a restaurant may not be feasible for everyone, but you can still ease the holiday stress by ordering a gourmet restaurant meal. Here are some of the advantages of eating out for the holidays.

More Family Time

For many people, the holidays are about spending time with those you love the most. Having to leave them to spend hours preparing food in the kitchen can detract from your holiday joy, and from those precious relationships.
If your kitchen is separated from the main living and dining area of your home, your sense of isolation can be even more pronounced. If you want to emerge from your kitchen for more than a few minutes during those all-important holiday gatherings, you may want to choose a restaurant meal over home cooking.
Ordering your holiday meal for pickup can spare you hours in the kitchen and free you up to spend time with your friends and family doing things everyone can enjoy together. You can even place your order ahead of time, so you don’t have to waste one extra minute worrying about food during your family gatherings.
At Almost Home, we have a gourmet menu ready for you to take out on Christmas Day, as well as online ordering of our entire menu every single day. Enjoy home-cooked goodness you don’t have to prepare yourself, and begin to plan fun activities for your family gatherings to take the place of cooking.

Convenient Meals During Holiday Prep

Even if you choose to do some or all of the holiday cooking yourself, you may find ordering carry out to be a wise decision during the holiday season. Holiday prep, from baking to gift buying to decorating, can take up all your spare time.
You can ease the holiday stress and free up time for your preparations by ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant. Order a meal for Christmas Eve dinner. Spoil yourself with a lunch treat while you are doing your holiday baking. Curl up in front of a Christmas movie with a comforting and mouth-watering dish.
Here at Almost Home, our contactless online ordering system is fast and easy. Even if your decision to order takeout rather than cook is a last-minute one, you can hop online and select your favorite meal in a matter of minutes. Order any of our carefully crafted dishes and enjoy a fast, delicious, and time-saving way to eat during the holiday season.

No Dishes

Doing the dishes is one of the least-liked holiday chores. If you love good food but cringe at the thought of tackling the clean up afterward, you may enjoy a holiday restaurant meal.
When you buy from your favorite restaurant, you enjoy delectable food and a festive experience, without the clean up afterward. That leaves more time for enjoying the fun parts of the holiday season: Like playing games, enacting holiday traditions, and catching up with loved ones.

Customized Food

The holidays are full of traditional goods, like roast (or deep fried) turkey and cranberry sauce. But what if you don’t like those traditional foods? Or, what if someone in your house has an allergy to a certain food?
Creating food that caters to everyone’s preferences can be difficult. Enter a restaurant meal. Carry out from your favorite spot means everyone can order what they like to eat.
Have an allergy? Find a dish that is allergen-free. Loathe cranberries? Skip them. Prefer to eat vegetarian? There is a menu for that. Does everyone in your house want a different main course? Your takeout order can accommodate that, too.
Maybe you would prefer chicken and broccoli casserole, pork tenderloin, or a juice burger during your holiday get together. Feel free to spoil yourself without judgment when you order from Almost Home.

Relaxed Celebration

The best celebrations are those that are stress free. While fancy Christmas parties and upscale get togethers work for some, others prefer to wear comfortable clothes and spend the day in familiar surroundings.
That doesn’t mean you have to forgo the advantages of restaurant dining during Christmas. Many restaurants, including Almost Home, have a relaxed atmosphere and a laid back vibe that is just right for precious time with family.
Plus, when you use our easy and fast ordering system, you can bring your food home to enjoy. A mouth-watering meal in the comfort of your own home? There is no reason not to jump at the opportunity.

Affordable Price

One of the biggest reasons people give for avoiding a restaurant during the holiday is a belief that Christmas dining costs too much.
Besides the value of a stress free holiday experience, you may also find that eating out doesn’t cost much more than what you already spend on Christmas.
For example, add up the cost for food, appetizers, drinks, and your favorite wines. How much does it cost to make Christmas dinner? The average national cost is more than $150. How much does our Christmas takeout meal run? As little as $20 a person.
For a delicious meal of handcrafted goodness (complete with dessert), that is a deal that might have you giving your holiday dining traditions a new look.
If you need a way to cut back on your holiday obligations, try cutting out the cooking. At Almost Home, a convenient online ordering system makes accessing our delicious dishes fast and easy. Add in a gourmet takeout Christmas menu, and you may just discover a new holiday tradition that is fun, delicious, and stress-free.

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